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Guide for 2022 Medicaid Eligibility for Children in South Carolina

The main programs for health insurance for children in low-income families are Medicaid and CHIP. They both provide health insurance, however the coverage provided by CHIP is more limited.

The CHIP program in South Carolina is also called Healthy Connections Children. South Carolina combines their CHIP program with Medicaid, so there isn't a separate income limit specifically for CHIP benefits.

How Eligiblity Is Determined

Eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP requires meeting an income limit that is based on your household size. There is no asset test.

The way that household size is counted can be complex if the child's parents do not file taxes together. In general to calculate a child's household size use the tax household size: the tax filer + the spouse + dependents. If the child is not claimed as a dependent by the parents they live with, the method for counting household size has more steps. If this applies to you, try using our Medicaid Eligibility Calculator to get a more accurate estimate.

A household's Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is used for eligibility decisions for many medical assistance programs. It's similar to Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) which is on your tax return, however some uncommon deductions are added back. For most people it shouldn't be too much different than your total household income, so when reading the charts below use the combined income from all household members from jobs and other sources, except for child support, Supplemental Security Income, and childrens' non-taxable income (like disability payments).

Medicaid Income Limits

Children Ages 0 to 18
  • 1 person household
    $2,412 / month
  • 2 person household
    $3,250 / month
  • 3 person household
    $4,087 / month
  • 4 person household
    $4,925 / month
  • 5 person household
    $5,763 / month
  • 6 person household
    $6,601 / month
  • 7 person household
    $7,439 / month
  • Each additional person
    +$837 / month
The income limit is 213% of the federal poverty level.

CHIP Income Limits

South Carolina does not offer a CHIP program separately from Medicaid.

Medicaid for Children with Disabilities

Most states offer additional pathways for Medicaid eligibility to children with disabilities. These programs vary by state, but typically have higher income limits than the standard eligibility criteria. For more information, visit


To apply, visit and click on the map for a link to South Carolina resources and the application.

Are you eligible for Medicaid? See if you might qualify by using our Medicaid eligibility calculator